Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Easy a Caveman can do It

I found a new webcomic called "Partially Clips". It's hilarious.

I love the Geico Caveman commercials. I know they've been around forever, but they're still funny. The ad campaign hasn't stagnated and lost the creativity, it's still the same joke, but it's continuously done well. Like the bowling commercial where the caveman hits a strike and the pin clearer comes down and it says Geico. Maybe it's because we can all sympathize with the cavemen because their "Geico sign" is that annoying thing in our lives that keeps showing up everywhere we go. It's like right after you get bit by a dog, there are dogs everywhere all of a sudden, or after a breakup, you see your ex all over. I say, keep up the cavemen, but I'd like to see it get more ridiculous. A caveman takes a girls shirt shirt off and she's wearing a Geico bra. Or, they go on vacation to Mexico to get away from everything and the Geico gecko shows up. And then that techno music starts playing and those eyes are staring at them....

I'm trying to think of something that went from out of control awesome to marginally terrible as much as Heroes did. The first season was so well written and addicting. After watching the 2nd and half of the 3rd season, it kinda killed the series for me. This was probably an idea someone had kicking around in his head for a while and then realized how awesome it was. The problem came in when they were expected to produce a second season. The quality planning and plot ran out at the end of the first season. Kinda like Club Dread after Super Troopers.

And seriously girls, when you get married, keep your maiden name somewhere on your facebook name. Julie 'Smith' Reed is completely fine. We can see that you got married, and then I can still remember who you are. High school was a long time ago, and honestly, everyone has gained a lot of weight.

Wouldn't it be cool if I could just play some 80's music and read my notes in different positions and then learn everything in just 2 minutes? Someone needs to create the "Study Montage" so I have more free time on the weekends...

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  1. Totally agree on the Geico commercials. In addition to your bra idea, I think the caveman should get an HIV test printed on Geico paper and say, “Of COURSE this says I’m positive!” Speaking of awesome commercials, YouTube “censored sprite ad.” That’s all I’m going to tell you about it.

    In addition to the "study montage," we also need the "training montage" to get back in shape; the "grieving montage" so we'll only be sad for two minutes after our mom dies; the "sex montage" so we'll always be awesome in the sack with no awkward transitions and movements perfectly timed with the music; the "family dinner montage" where everyone smiles at one another, laughs, and passes insane amounts of food; the "long drive montage" where it just shows your car heading off toward the horizon, one in-between road, and finally your car pulling into the driveway of your destination; the “breakup montage” where you just walk up to your significant other, they kind of put their head down and nod, and then you just walk away and it’s over with no drama, the “sat through boring meetings all day” montage; the “standing outside the operating room and pacing” montage and its sister, the “surgery montage;” the “trimming the Christmas tree montage” because putting decorations on the tree was never pleasant at our house, the “mad scientist creating something incredible in the lab montage” because I think it would be cool to do something like that (note: montages can also give you powers you wouldn’t normally have; my comment, my rules); the “comeback montage” for your favorite sports team so that once it kicks in, you know they are going to win the game no matter how much they are down by; the “insomnia montage” so if you can’t sleep, at least it’s morning quickly; the “changing of the seasons montage,” “everyone is grown up now and the town has changed montage,” and the “Simba montage” for their sheer time warp properties; the “these guys really suck at [insert activity], but watch them practice and now they’re really good at it! montage,” which is also known as the “Bad News Bears montage;” and the one that I might pick over all these, the “Sopranos montage” where my morning commute would be that two minute intro to the show, complete with soundtrack by A3.

    As far as awesome things that got worse, I’d like to point out that most movie sequels are terrible. TV shows, for whatever reason, are just the opposite. If you go back to the first seasons of ER or The Simpsons, it makes you wonder why they made a season two. My theory on why TV shows get better is because the actors are almost never stars before the show, so they keep their mouths shut and let the writers and director handle things. With only a few exceptions, once an actor starts exercising "creative control" over the direction of a show/movie, things go to hell really quickly. For example, there’s no way Matt’s character on Nip Tuck has any say over what happens to him and look at how awesome the show is.

    Thought for the day: As cool as keyless entry is for our cars, we all feel stupid when we lift up our keys to point it at the front door of our house.